FAU’s Home & High Water S1 E3. Why Do We Care About Our Salt Marshes?

Home & High Water is a science podcast by Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies about our research uncovering how we live, adapt and thrive in a changing climate.

 Cameron Peters
Host of Home & High Water

How do we value an environment? This is a question scientists and economists have been studying for decades through what’s known as ecosystem services, a term researchers use to describe what ecosystems provide to humans.

But, what about the things that aren’t quite as tangible? What if there are ecosystem services that the market doesn’t put a price tag on? What if those services are so fundamental to our daily lives and to our culture, we don’t even have the words to articulate their value? It might be more of a feeling: our mind and body feels healthier when we are in that space, it’s our home, it’s a part of our identity.

What is the cost of not having a complete picture of ecosystem services? And, how can we create space for these missing pieces?

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Featured in this podcast:

Alyssa Jones-Wood
City of Hallandale Beach (CoHB) Sustainability & Resiliency Officer

Dr. Robert Johnston
Director of the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University

Dr. Colin Polsky
CES Director

Home and High Water is produced, edited, hosted by Cameron Peters. Additional script editing by Alyssa Jones-Wood. Music and Sound Design by FAU Assistant Professor of Music Matthew Baltrucki, Zachary Binder, Brendan Lyons, and Matt Bielasiak. Theme music by Matthew Baltrucki. Special thanks to CES Director and FAU Professor Dr. Colin Polsky, Director of the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University Dr. Robert Johnston, and CES Assistant Director Kimberly Vardeman.


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