About Us

Across South Florida, people are joining hands to address the threat we face from sea-level rise. To that list, add the editorial boards of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post, along with WLRN Public Media.

We have created this unprecedented media collaborative because the threat becomes more evident every year and we share a common coastline.

People closest to the work tell us their greatest need is for greater public awareness. No one is better positioned to do that than South Florida’s major media organizations.

We plan to use our collective voice to communicate in drumbeat fashion the undeniable and unrelenting threat we face, help people see what’s at stake and engage experts, citizens, businesses and political leaders on the tough choices ahead.

The time is right for our project because this is a big election year in Florida — for the U.S. Senate, for the Governor’s Mansion, all four seats on the Florida Cabinet and the Florida Legislature.

Our three editorial boards plan to ask all the candidates about sea level rise: What are we going to do? Who’s going to decide? And who’s going to pay?

We want to raise awareness, amplify the voice of our region and create a call to action that can’t be ignored.

WLRN, meanwhile, plans an in-depth series of reports, roundtable discussions and other community engagement events.

If you have comments or suggestions about “The Invading Sea,” contact one of these people:

Project editor Tom O’Hara

Miami Herald Editorial Page Editor Nancy Ancrum

Rosemary O’Hara
Sun Sentinel Editorial Page Editor

Palm Beach Post Editorial Page Editor Rick Christie

WLRN Vice President of News Tom Hudson

Sun Sentinel Newsroom Product Engineer Danny Sanchez