About Us

The Invading Sea is a collaboration of 26 Florida news organizations – 25 daily newspapers and WLRN Public Media, South Florida’s public radio station. The site features editorials from our newspaper partners and opinion pieces by scientists, academics, activists and citizens interested in Florida and the threats posed by climate change.

We solicit and share opinions with our partners about all the environmental headaches in Florida — algae blooms, safe drinking water, septic tank contamination, pollution of the springs in North Florida and the slow death of the Everglades and Florida Bay in South Florida.

This site is edited by Rosemary O’Hara, former editorial page editor of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, and Tom O’Hara, former managing editor of the Palm Beach Post and Cleveland Plain Dealer. Rosemary can be reached at rosemaryohara14@gmail.com, or 813-468-0633. Tom can be reached at thomasohara043@gmail.com, or 304-704-2901.

The Invading Sea is supported by the Energy Foundation and the Environmental Defense Fund.

The Invading Sea‘s growing list of collaborative members: