Editorial guidelines

The Invading Sea is run by Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies (the “Center”). The opinions expressed in the pieces published on the website represent those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of the University or the Center.

The Invading Sea shares articles published by its media and nonprofit partners, including major newspapers, on climate change and other environmental issues, particularly those focused on how these issues affect Florida. The Invading Sea also accepts opinion pieces submitted by members of the public on this topic.

The Invading Sea will consider pieces submitted for publication under the following editorial guidelines:

Pieces must be accurate, fair, and appropriately researched. The Invading Sea encourages civil discourse and does not publish personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, and/or speech advocating violence. The Invading Sea does not publish pieces that promote commercial or private interests, seek fundraising donations, advocate for the election of specific candidates, or is not aligned with the focus of the website.

The Invading Sea reserves the right to publish or decline to publish pieces based on the foregoing requirements. However, if The Invading Sea declines to publish an author’s submission, the author may request a review by the website’s Advisory Board.

By submitting content to the Invading Sea, the author agrees to public distribution, however, the Invading Sea reserves the right to edit all submissions for accuracy, clarity, length, libel, and style. The Editor may email the author to discuss any significant edits.

By sharing material to be published on The Invading Sea, the author warrants and represents that the author owns the copyright with respect to such material and that the author has the full and unencumbered right to share such material and that such posting will not infringe any rights or interests of others.

After posting pieces on The Invading Sea, we will distribute these pieces to our media and nonprofit partners so that they may consider running them in their publications and on their websites, as well. We also use social media to share links to the pieces we publish. We aim to reach the widest possible audience.

The Invading Sea also invites written responses to the content we publish through the comment section at the end of all pieces, as well as through letters to the editor. The same standards detailed above apply to these responses. Our goal is for The Invading Sea website to be a space where all reasonable questions and perspectives are shared and debated with civility and good faith.

Email Editor Nathan Crabbe at ncrabbe@fau.edu with submission requests, to go over ideas for pieces, or with any questions. Please note: Due to Florida’s broad public records law, most written communication to or from the University and University employees are a public record, available to the public and the media upon request. Therefore, the contents of all emails, including personal email addresses, may be subject to disclosure.

Third Party Website Disclaimer

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