Managed retreat considered as climate solution; cause sought for disease sickening Florida panthers

Managed retreat is a complicated and controversial climate change solution, but one that most climate scientists feel is inevitable

A roundup of news items related to climate change and other environmental issues in Florida: 

What Is managed retreat? A controversial climate adaptation scientists say is inevitable | NBC Miami

A beach home damaged by Hurricane Irma hitting along the east coast of Florida in 2017. (iStock image)

Climate change adaptations are going on all around South Florida to prepare for and fight back against sea-level rise. While they’re important and necessary, there may come a day in the not-too-distant future when they stop working because the ocean will keep rising and eventually, it becomes too expensive to keep adapting over and over.

That brings us to a very complicated and controversial climate change solution, but one that most climate scientists feel is inevitable: managed retreat.

We know that chaotic retreat happens after big disasters like Hurricane Irma, but managed retreat is trying to get out ahead of the problem.

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Is there something in the water? Scientists suspect pollution impacting panthers | News-Press

A Florida panther (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region, via Wikimedia Commons)

The hunt for the root of a mysterious disease that may be cutting short the Florida panther population continues as scientists and environmental groups search for answers.

The scariest part, some say, is that it may be a toxin coming from Florida’s ailing waters.

“It’s not a tick paralysis, it’s not a virus, it’s not from pesticides or rodenticides and it’s not metabolic, so we do suspect it’s something in the environment,” said Hollis Stewart, a veterinarian for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Friday in Naples. “There’s no evidence of infection of inflammation. Maybe it’s something that’s already been in the environment plus something that’s been introduced to the environment.”

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As Florida targets ESG, here’s how plans look at 4 Tampa Bay companies | Tampa Bay Times

Thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, the state of Florida is barred from considering public companies’ environmental, social and governance, or ESG, platforms when making investment decisions on behalf of state funds.

But other investors probably are.

Most of Tampa Bay’s large public corporations have adopted ESG programs over the last three to five years. Some have specific goals for this decade. Here’s a snapshot of the ESG initiatives at four Tampa Bay public companies.

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